My Little Girl

A year has gone by since I held Pia's fresh newborn body up to mine. In a moment my life changed. I stared into her eyes and felt something different. My desire to protect her was not less or greater than with my boys, it was just different. I felt a new responsibility as I would begin to nurture and raise a daughter.


I began to pray for my relationship with Pia. I want to laugh with her, grow together, and be honest with each other. I hope my daughter will know God's ways, and that all beauty comes from Him. I want her to fight the battle of vanity and envy, finding peace and contentment in who she is. I hope she will grow to be a woman that loves others more than herself. 


As I have walked this journey of motherhood for five years, I have experienced the incredible blessing of raising children and I have also experience the heavy weight of responsibility. But I am so thankful that God wants to carry the weight of my little ones, and all the detail that goes into their lives. Because I know I can't.


And so...I'm on my knees, looking into my little girls eyes, asking God to help me raise her. That he would help her to know the most important things in life. 


I also know that I'm not alone. There is beauty in family and friends. My daughter is a fortunate little girl to have so many wonderful people to look up to. 

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With all that said, Pia's party was a sweet celebration...and I am so thankful for her life.

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