My Advice

Some people will tell you to count to ten and breath slowly...

photo 1.jpg

I will tell you to go find your camera, and stick it in front of your red-fuming face. And while you're scolding him behind the camera and your eyeballs are doing scary mom things…"Don't you ever cut your hair again! And you have lost all privileges of scissors. Do you understand me?!"...

And although you look like a complete idiot taking pictures of your son while he holds his long red locks that he cut off right in the middle of his forehead, you take pictures anyway. In ten years you will be glad you did.

photo 3.jpg

And he will have the best memories of you looking like a crazy lady behind the camera.

In the words of Vitali after his scissor experimentation, "It's just hair mom, it will grow back!"


© 2014 Natalie Falls