Marisa & Silas

When I first started this blog it was because of Elias. I didn't write much about Down Syndrome, in fact I was still pretty confused by it all and my heart hurt too much to share my feelings of guilt and fear. If I remember correctly, I had more tears than words. But I was desperate for an outlet. So I began to write about anything and everything. Then I picked up our camera, and I began to see detail in life that I had missed before. I began to see beauty in the things I took for granted.

Today my blog has become a place for me and for you. A place for hope and inspiration.

I wanted to share a comment with you that was written on my blog a few days ago. I am so thankful to have readers like this. I couldn't help but cry when I read her sweet words, she speaks to my heart.

It's from a sweet mama named Marisa...

Hi Natalie. I love your blog, it’s truly inspiring. Just about a month ago now I gave birth to my son, Silas, and he was born with Down Syndrome. It came as a complete and total shock to me and I was having such a hard time accepting it. I don’t know anyone personally who has gone through anything similar, so I just felt like I had no one to talk to that would understand. My cousin, Nick who lives in Fresno messaged me one morning and gave me the link to your blog. I thought it was crazy because I actually live in Hemet, only about 30 minutes away from Temecula where you live. Small world. Anyways, I just have to say, since he gave me the link to your blog it has helped me in so many ways. Your posts are so heartwarming and beautiful. Your children are gorgeous and Elias is such a sweet little boy. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

I am hoping to share some pictures of Silas soon! And for all of you reading this, thank you for sharing this blog! I want to be faithful with what God has given me. 


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