Made To Create

Creation is happening everyday. All around us we are inspired by the One who put art into existence. We can't help but try to make something from it. We were made to create.

The writer sits down to a blank page and tells a story about life, something that has changed him. The painter reaches for her best paintbrush as she tries to communicate what her eyes have seen and her heart has felt. Lovers find inspiration in the creation they hold; a miracle—the most breathtaking piece of art. A photographer captures a moment in time, they stare at life's detail. The musician plays, writes, and sings; he can't help it, it feels so good! 


And as the artist finds inspiration in creation, he creates a melody that speaks to someone's soul—he inspires. 


He inspires the littlest of people. And they want to create like him. Their feet can't help but tap, and their hands find rhythm, and their vocal chords begin to hum. They've felt it. They've seen it. And now they can't stop it. They've been inspired to create. They were made to create.


My brother's music has always been a source of inspiration in my life and I have always enjoyed his shows. But there's something about watching my boys enjoy his music that gets me excited. I love watching a three and five-year-old love music, and I wonder what they will create because of it.



© 2014 Natalie Falls