I Would Die For Them

I grip his small fingers as we cross the street. She is strapped to my front in a pouch. And my oldest baby is holding on tight to my pants pocket. We cross the busy street. I feel the weight of my girl and the tight grasp of my boy's hands. My eyes scan the street looking for danger. I am always ready to protect my little ones. It's instinctive. I would die for my children. I would give my life in a moment if it meant saving theirs.


I say those things and I mean them, but what about today? Am I willing to give my life today? Give of myself so that my children can have a full life. Teaching them about their Creator; the one who put the countless stars in place. Made the deep blue ocean with fish that are breathtaking in their size and color. The red hot lava that burns deep into the earth. The vibrant flowers, each having their unique scent. And there is more. So much more.


Do I give my life so that they may have life? Do I see the opportunities in front of me to love others unconditionally? Do I love so that the three sets of eyes looking up at me will know how to love others. The people God created in His own image. Will they know how to see past an outward appearance and into someones soul? Can I teach them that?


Have I given my life for them today? Their eyes are watching, absorbing life in front of them. Their minds are hungry, eager to have understanding.


I grip his small fingers. She is strapped to my front. My oldest holds tight to my pants pocket. I guide them into protection. Giving them my life.

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© 2014 Natalie Falls