I Need You

When Pia was born I could barely contain my excitement for her big brothers to meet her.

We woke Vitali up at three in the morning, because we promised him we would. But we let Elias wake up on his own. Seven o'clock rolled around when we heard his feet banging up against the wall. My heart leapt with excitement. My tired-face Elias was being carried toward me and his baby sister. I held him close and began my introduction, "Elias, this is Pia, your baby sister, you are going to take such good care of her..." and then I paused, my throat tightened and the tears came. I smashed my face against his cheek, and spoke softly into his ear, "...and she will take care of you."

In my home I am experiencing a relationship that was graciously and intricately designed. God knew that Pia would need Elias, and He knew Elias would need Pia. He knew that Pia needed a perspective on life that would be different than most other little girls. And He knew that Elias would help show her patience, compassion, and unconditional love and joy.

In Gods love towards Elias, He gave him a sister that would love and care for him. I have a feeling that one day she will be his second little mommy (whether he likes it or not ;)

I don't know all the wonderful things God has planned for my children. But I do know this, He does not make mistakes. I am reminded of this daily.


© 2014 Natalie Falls