He Gave Me You


Little one, when I felt the pain of loss and grief, I prayed for God to fill my womb again. He gave me you.

I was in tears over my baby. Her heart had stopped beating. My world stopped spinning.

When she was inside of me; I fed her, I gave blood to her heart, I nurtured her little soul. She had everything to thrive.

But God knew the number of her days. He knew that my heart needed to be broken so that I could love more. Deeper. Stronger.

In God's faithfulness, her life was not in vain.

And so my love grew. It grew because of sorrow. And it grew because of  new life.

I prayed for God to fill my womb again. He gave me you.


I fell in love while thinking about your inward parts being formed inside of me. Your head began to sprout little hairs, He knew their number. Your finger nails began to grow, He knew how long. Your heart started beating, He knew how fast. Your days began to number, and I had to trust. He knows their number.

My love for you little one, it is deeper. Stronger.

In my days of sorrow and emptiness, He filled my womb again--He gave me you.


To the mother who cries in secret and is in pain because of a miscarriage...there is hope. Your heart will never be the same. You will love more. Deeper. Stronger.


© 2014 Natalie Falls