Far Away Thoughts

She sits in her rocker.  Her baby is staring up at her, but she doesn't notice. She is staring off, a faraway look in her eyes. She gazes out the window, dreaming of something she's not.


Dreams cloud her mind and fill her heart with false hope. The here and now is pushed out by the "one day."

Her thoughts carry her far away as she sails through an ocean of discontent. But she doesn't see it as discontent. She see's it as the "better me."

Comparison eats at her soul. It eats up time, life, and moments. She wants to throw parties like the mom down the street. She wants all the clothes that she saw on the mom blog she's obsessed with. Her house needs a lot of Pinterest love.

While her mind trails off into the most beautiful life she'll work a lifetime to have, she remembers that someone needed her.


She looks into her daughter's eyes, but they're not looking up at her anymore. Her daughter is a woman now. She looks her mother in the eyes, then looks out the window and begins to dream. This is all she knows. She knows to chase discontent and dream of something she's not.

I write this to remind me and you that our children need us. They don't need the fanciest party on the block. They don't need designer clothes and the most styled out bedroom. They don't need a perfect mother. They need you, they need your time. They need you to look into their eyes when they're looking at you. There is life happening now. It is too precious to dream it away.


© 2014 Natalie Falls