Dear Elias

I remember your birth like it was yesterday. My contractions were five minutes apart, but I was determined to finish making banana pancakes. Your dad and grandma told me to sit down and rest, but I wouldn't. I guess that's what gave you your love for bananas.

When It was time to welcome you into this world, your dad filled up the birth tub and everyone began to come over. Your birth day was filled with people who love you. And as your dad told me he loved me and was so proud of me, I lifted you out of the water and brought you up to my heart. You took a moment to cry and I remember feeling a little nervous. But when you let out your first cry we all cheered!

Oh my love, we have had a lot filled into our little four-year journey, haven't we? I remember you were so patient with me as I cried over you when I first found out you had Down syndrome. It was like your little eyes were telling me, "You'll be fine mom, we have a lot of fun adventures ahead of us...don't worry." 

And you were right. There have been adventures that could only come from you, my sweet boy. Through your life I have seen beauty that I never knew about. I have climbed a mountain that has the most breathtaking view. Your life is taking our family on a beautiful adventure, Elias, and I love you for it!

This last year you have done so much. You learned how to run, dribble a soccer ball, read sight words, sneak up onto your brother's top bunk bed, help me cook, and my favorite: you learned to say, "Shh, quiet, stop talking!" when you don't like what I have to say. And just like the day of your birth when you took your first breath and we all cheered, we are still cheering. We are proud of you, every single part of you. 

And as we walk this adventure of your fourth year of life, I will hold your hand, and we will find more beauty and more breathtaking views.

I love you so much Elias!

Love, Mom



© 2014 Natalie Falls