What will I write today? What will I capture with my camera? Sometimes my thoughts are my worst enemy. They tell me I have nothing to say, or that my ideas are insignificant. My thoughts can tell me that my pictures aren't good enough, that my lighting and angles aren't interesting enough. But those thoughts are a lie. If I believed the lie, I would let my computer sit and gather dust so that I would never chance writing anything bad. My camera would stay in a drawer, so that I would never take a picture that was out of focus. Those thoughts tell me that my life shouldn't look so messy.

If I believed those thoughts, I would stop creating.


Every day I try to write and capture moments. It's all mixed in with kids asking for snacks, breaking up fights, and kissing booboos. But I find the time. I find it because I need it. When I am learning something about my child, something I've never thought about before, I thank God for giving me that thought and I write it down.

When I see something that is precious to me, I thank God for my camera, and I carefully snap the button and freeze time. Creating is a gift. I create because God wants me to. It's good for me to think deeply about what is happening in front of me. It's good for me to notice how I need to change.


I am a steward of my creativity, desperately trying to capture life with camera and keys.


Creativity is a gift and a privilege. We all have it. It looks different for everyone. But some will never use it because they believe the thoughts that rob them of the joy of creating. "They will laugh at me"..."Someone will find my journal"..."My idea isn't as good as hers"..."I could never play the guitar like him"..."I don't have the right look"..."I'm not smart enough"...

So what will I write today? What will I capture? I will still have thoughts that tell me not to write and to put down my camera. But I'm learning to ignore them. And I've decided that when those thoughts are the loudest, that's when I should be writing. That's when I should be capturing life.



© 2014 Natalie Falls