A Run For Life

My heart is so full. I just finished looking at all the pictures of our Buddy Walk for Elias and his buddies, and I feel overwhelmed with emotion. I am so thankful for all the people that have walked alongside us and been a support to us. And I am so thankful that I can walk alongside of others that are experiencing similar things that I did four years ago. I can't say it enough and I can't shout it loud enough...people with Down syndrome love life! They weren't meant to be hidden or shut away. But they are meant to live! Dance! Breathe! And be loved by their family and friends.

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Aaron and I ran the 5k with with Elias. The whole time he was looking back at me smiling, laughing—cheering me on! Sometimes I think about how much I will cheer on Elias through his life. And then I think about how he is the one cheering us on...When Aaron comes home from work, "Yay dad! Daddy!" And when I make a good meal, "Yay mom! Mmmm deyicious." And when Vitali kicks the soccer ball in the goal, "Yay Tali! Yay Broder!" And when Pia gets into the shower, "Yay Pia, hi Pia, hi." He is such an important part of our lives. I need him to cheer me on.


There are many different people who read my blog. Most of them are women. Some of them are pregnant women. And some of those women have their hand on their belly right now and they are wondering if they should go through with their pregnancy. They wonder if what I'm saying is true. They wonder if someone with Down syndrome would love life, and if they would love having a child with Down syndrome. Let me say this. What you see on this blog is more than what most doctors will tell you. They tell you one side, but I will tell you both. I will pour my heart, mind, and soul into this blog so that someone, one woman, will experience and know God's perfect design in life. All life, not just the life that we choose.

So here's to life! May you never fear it! 


"But this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him." —John 9:3



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