A Life To Celebrate...

There is a lot to share...


And I can't do it all in one month...


It will take a lifetime.


Today is the first day of Down syndrome awareness month. Some of my readers are far ahead of me on this journey of Down syndrome, and some have just begun. Some are on the outside looking in. And some are walking alongside a friend, student, or family member with Down syndrome. Whoever you are, I'm glad you're here.

I could tell you a lot of facts about Down syndrome, but most importantly I want to write about life with Down syndrome. I want to write to you in a way that makes you more passionate to love someone like my son. And when you see someone with Down syndrome, I hope you will feel confident to love them and see them as a person and not a disability. 

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I hope my blog is a place for you to find truth and inspiration. I know my blog can be uncomfortable to read sometimes, and I think it should be. Life can be uncomfortable. I don't always write things that people like to read. And I have probably lost readers, because the purpose of this blog isn't to make people feel good about themselves. I write what is real. I write about what has been given to me. And sometimes I write things that are hard for me to share with you. 

With that said, a big part of what I write is about my son, Elias, and what life looks like with him. If this is your first time here, start with my story. If you come here often, I would love to know your thoughts. Your raw and honest thoughts, questions, comments about Down syndrome.

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And because I share this blog with you, I would love to write about some of your thoughts and answer some of your questions for everyone to read (with your permission, and I will keep your name confidential). 

I love that October is a reason to spread awareness about people with Down syndrome. But what I love most about this month is that it reminds me of God's good and perfect plan for my life. A plan I would not have picked for myself four years ago. I am so thankful I am not in control! 

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