A Christmas Story

I remember that Christmas, it was my favorite. Us five raggedy kids huddled together and came up with a plan. We knew Christmas was difficult for my parents financially that year, so we wanted to do something special for them. We flipped couch cushions and slipped our scrawny fingers under soda machines. We were going to save up and give them a crisp one hundred dollar bill on Christmas morning. 

Weeks later, my sister led the way on her bike to the bank. We peddled with excitement. We had never seen a one hundred dollar bill before. When Christin came out of the bank, she showed us what we had been waiting for. We couldn't wait to see our mom and dad's face when they opened our gift.

Christmas morning came, I remember being more excited for my parents to open their card then I was to open my gifts.

My mom and dad sat together as they opened the sealed envelope. We were quiet with anticipation. And as they slipped the one hundred dollar bill out, I remember my mom crying and my dad telling us how thoughtful we were, and how much they loved us.

That Christmas I experienced how much fun it is to give to others who are in need. I think it's beautiful how a simple childhood memory can change you. And I still get giddy when we are able to give to others.

We will never forget that Christmas, it changed us.



© 2014 Natalie Falls