Waiting Room

In the last few days I've been dividing up my time with rocking Elias to sleep and falling asleep with Vitali in his bed. Our best friends have been Tylenol and smoothies. Vitali is feeling better, but Elias has had a harder time getting rid of his cold.

Tonight we waited in a busy urgent care. I endured about an hour of eyelash caressing and nostril exploration from Elias. I'm not sure why but it was the only thing that was comforting to him. Lets just put it this way, I will do anything for my children but it's nice to have little fingers (as cute as they are) out of my nose.

Elias was getting bronchitis but he's on the mend now. It will be nice to see him back to himself. It will be nice for my nose to get back to itself too.


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