It Can Wait

What is more important than you, my Love. Your new eyes discovering a face. A face that goes with the voice you heard for nine months as you were wrapped gracefully inside my womb.

What is more important than this moment of excitement. Your creation. Your mind, hungry to discover the world of pretend. You couldn't wait to show me.

What is more important than your curious mind. I watch you as your little eyes follow a tiny black ant, smoosh! You are delighted with the precision and power that lies in your two-year-old fingers. You remind me to enjoy the little things.

The trail of legos, the droppings of food under your highchair, the towering pile of laundry; It's a reminder of life, existence. You belong to me, you are alive. All those things can wait. I'm busy watching you.


© 2014 Natalie Falls