The Best Headache

This last Saturday morning began with fragrant scents of Thailand flying through the air. My sister and I chopped, stirred, and tasted our way into "heaven on earth." We were getting ready for a birthday feast for my dad and a beautiful visit with my Aunt Wen and Grandma Marge. We made some sweet memories.

The night went on with visiting, catching up, and a terrible headache from too much laughing. I blame the headache on my brother and his puppeteer skills.

About five years ago my mom had the great idea of making a puppet stage for her grandkids...

...and Aaron.

We finished up our weekend with the best chocolate malt in town. Seriously, I can't stop thinking about those velvety chocolate cups of goodness that satisfy my pregnant belly.

I hope you had the best kind of headache this weekend. If not, go get a chocolate malt. Happy Monday to you!



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