The Beauty I Wake Up To

A few years ago I wanted to invite you in to my life through writing and photography. I didn't want you to be intimidated by me, just because my life looked a little different. I didn't want to be unapproachable. I wanted you to feel confident. Confident to talk to me and ask questions about my life. Just like I would ask questions about your life.

I wanted you to see the beauty that I see. The beauty I wake up to. The beauty I have the privilege to know.

I wanted you to experience unconditional love through my eyes. I wanted you to ask me about my good and bad days, just like I would ask you.

I wanted to remind you that my life was planned before I began to plan. And that Elias' life was knit together in my womb with perfect thought and intricacy.

It might be a new beauty. A beauty that some are nervous to embrace. But once you stop and remind yourself of what beauty is, remember that it comes in all different forms.

Remember that we can find indescribable beauty in the plans that are not our own.

Thank you to my beautiful sister-in-law for all these amazing have an eye for beauty!


© 2014 Natalie Falls