Special Olympics

There are many sad moments I remember after we found out Elias had Down Syndrome. But along side the sad there are also many happy ones. Sad or happy, they both had their place. This is a happy memory...

The first person to know Elias had Down Syndrome besides Aaron and me was my dad. After finding out the news from our pediatrician my dad happened to be out in front of the house when we pulled up. Even though my eyes were bright red from crying, I tried to smile as he approached me. "How did Elias do at the pediatrician's office?" I began to sob, "Oh Dad, they think he has Down Syndrome, we are waiting for the results." He looked at me with anticipation in his eyes, and with excitement in his voice he said, "That means he can do the Special Olympics!" My dad was the first one to accept that Elias had Down Syndrome, there wasn't a moment of denial. He knew right away that God had big plans for him.

This is a video of Elias training to be a sprinter in the Special Olympics...

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/DE_S4JSb9CE width=560 rel=0 fs=1]



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