Restful Monday

I look forward to Monday after coming off of a crazy, fun-filled weekend. I like the crazy, but I also like the mellow. I like the out and about, but I also love being home. Today we settled into cozy mode, which of course means finding the comfiest spot on the couch and watching movies together.

It was a restful day.


It was nice to give my house a little TLC too, it needed it. I chucked the dead flowers in my vases and refreshed them with ones in our yard. "Pick me, pick me," they I did. And now they are smiling at me as I write this post. Okay, maybe not, that's kinda creepy.

With rest comes creativity. Elias is taking steps now and getting closer and closer to walking. But his pants needed a little help. 

This is what I came up with. Designer jeans for a beautifully designed baby.

I hope you had a restful Monday...if not, there's always Tuesday.


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