P.J. Party

So much to tell, so many pictures to share...but it's Christmas Eve and I gotta get to my Christmas magic. So I'll leave you with this...I'm so proud of Elias, he finished his first three weeks of school with a Christmas party.

He is really enjoying preschool. He comes home telling me all about his day. I don't understand much of what he's saying, but he's excited, and he loves his class. Last week I was picking Elias up from his school when his teacher stopped me to tell me about his day. She said, "Oh Elias was quite the entertainment today and had all his classmates crackin' up! They were all asking him to make different animal sounds, and he not only did the sound but impersonated them so well!" So there you have it, my son is the class clown!

I am thankful for the teachers in Elias' life, they have no idea how much I appreciate them. It was fun watching them in action at the Christmas party. I was impressed too, in one hour they made gingerbread houses, popped popcorn, watched a movie, and sang songs. Oh yes, and they all wore jammies.

And now for a two week Christmas break...where everyday is a party ;)


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