One Year Of Goodness (Giveaway)

There are times of the year that remind us to celebrate what we have and where we've come from. There are days that bring back feelings and emotions. The kind of emotions that sink into your gut and pierce your heart all over again. Some of us go on a long run. Some of us visit a special place. Some of us turn up the music and dance. Some of us shop. Some of us write.

There are thoughts, ideas, and passions that need to be written down. My heart and soul pour out onto black keys. I try to express importance of what I (and so many others) have been given. This is a voice I didn't know I would have. But God gave me this voice. God gave me Elias. God gave me a new pair of eyes, to see things in their raw and detailed beauty.

One year ago, I began to write. I began to capture life of our unique family through my camera lens. On March 21st I dedicated my blog to Elias. Since then, people all over the world  have come to love and appreciate him. They have also fallen in love with his friends. March 21st is National Down Syndrome Awareness Day. I dedicated this blog to Elias because I wanted people to know about God's perfect plan. There has been no mistake with his life. There has been no mistake in my life. And if you ever have the opportunity to love a person with Down Syndrome, it will will not be a mistake.

Cheers to one year! We will be celebrating life this week, celebrate with us!




A few of my favorite things in life are the color orange, people who love my kids, and Italians. It just so happens that these arm warmers are orange, and made by an Italian lady who loves Elias! She designed these after Elias and his love for Tigger, and a splash of red on the buttons for his love for Elmo (she's so creative). I'm giving these away to someone who leaves a comment. Tell me something you love, have learned, or a question you have about people with Down Syndrome. I'll pick a random winner. Thanks to the beautiful Pia Barile for making these. Take a look at her work, it is amazing.


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