Newborn Sweetness

When my friends experience something that grips their heart and changes who they are, I want to be a part of it. I want to hold and take in a morsel of the love that has overwhelmed them.

Today I went over to Becca's house to wrap my arms around her newest little girl, Paige Marie. Just as I was walking into the room to hold some newborn sweetness, I was pleasantly interrupted by Jocelyn. I got down on my knees to congratulate her on being a big sister. I wasn't expecting the emotion I had at that moment; but it was good, it was sweet. With Jocelyn's arms squeezed tight around my neck, I buried my face in her hair and began to cry. My tears were happy. They were proud tears. My mind raced ahead of time and thought about how much Paige needed Jocelyn and how much Jocelyn would need her little sister. I thought about the beautiful relationship that would blossom before my eyes.

Today I walked into a home that has so much love for their girls. They have been transformed three times over, and it is beautiful to watch.

It's hard to imagine that two weeks ago little Paige was wrapped up inside of her mamas belly.


© 2014 Natalie Falls