Picking names is a big job when you're a parent. Your child will live with it the rest of their life. You want something unique but not too "out there." I'm feeling the pressure of choosing the best name for the little one growing inside of me. So I thought of Vitali, he's creative, surely he would have some ideas. And he did...and they were creative.

For a boy, he picked the name Warrior. This name brings out the intense and passionate side of his personality. I wouldn't be surprised if he gives his son this name (we'll see what his wife thinks).

And for a girl, Rapunzel or Princess. I have a feeling my daughter would have issues with me when she's in junior high, and high school, and the rest of her life if I named her Rapunzel.

I guess the back up plan would be to give the child a cool middle name. I still have five more months, we'll see what else my creative son comes up with.



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