My World Stands Still

Life continues; but with a jumbled mix of thoughts, emotions, and prayers, I turn in circles trying to continue in my daily routine. But I can't. Some days need to stand still. Some days you have to sit and let the world stand still. She's a loving mother. She would have taken the fall in place of her daughter. But instead she had to watch. And now her heart burns with guilt, confusion, and pain.

Yesterday I received news that our friends had an accident with their daughter. A parents greatest nightmare is now their haunting reality. Kat held her daughter and with an unexpected flailing backward motion of Kira's head, she fell over their balcony with a fifteen foot drop. Miraculously, Kira is alive and showing improvement in the hospital.

The greatest Comforter and greatest Healer is with our friends Tim and Kat and their precious girl Kira. As they hold Kira’s little hand and pour tears of love over her–their world stands still.


© 2014 Natalie Falls