Losing Baby Weight

Ok, so I'm exaggerating...

But for real, here are a few things I do to lose the baby weight.

1. Nursing burns an average of 5oo calories in a day!

2. I try to find the time to make myself healthy meals.

3. Eat healthy snacks more frequently and smaller portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tip: If you keep your healthy snacks out where they're easy access, you're less likely to go through your cabinet digging for chocolate (I speak from experience...a lot of it!)

4. Exercise. This looks different for everyone. My exercise comes in the form of running after these little punks! Little punks come in all different shapes and sizes, but they all burn the same amount of calories...

And just remember, don't be too hard on yourself. Your extra baby weight is all because of a labor of love for your little one(s)...Now go run after them!

Oh yeah, and if you have any creative ways for eating healthy and exercising for the busy mom...please share!


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