July Surprise

What is it like to wait? Be surprised? Find out something you never knew? Before Elias was born I had his life planned out. I dreamt about how his sweet life would change our family.Elias did change our family and it was better than anything I could have dreamt. In some ways I feel like I am re-living my pregnancy with him. I have a child growing inside of me that I am just getting to know, there are still so many unknowns.

I never thought I would be the kind of person that would wait to find out the gender of my baby, but I guess I am. I have fallen in love with the unknown, and what a beautiful time to experience it again. These past two years I have come to enjoy today. I've let go of planning too many details. The sweet life inside of me is a reminder to live and breathe the blessings of today. Last night Aaron felt our baby's soft kicks. His eyes widened, "was that the baby?" It never gets old. How beautiful and intricate is the design of a growing baby. My God continues to bless me with his artistry.



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