Is Two Easy?

"Is having two kids easy?" I tried not to laugh at the sweet mama who was asking me this question. I had never met her, but she noticed my oversized belly and figured we survived two and were expecting a third; two can't be that bad. I tried to be careful with my words because what I wanted to say was, "You don't have kids to make your life easy!" I smiled (while holding my three-year-old's hand, who was dressed up as Spiderman trying to dislocate my arm so that we could go where he wanted to go), and said, "Children are a blessing. It's a wild ride but they are such a blessing and worth our time."

Throughout the day I think a lot about how I'm investing in my boys. Some days I feel like a big fat failure. Other days I feel refreshed and the patience seems to come a little easier. Being a mom is not always easy. There are days I hit my head up against the wall hoping I can figure this "mom thing" out (or knock myself out, sometimes that sounds like a nicer option!).

My children are worth my time. They are not easy, but they are the most precious gift I have been given. I feel underserving of two, how blessed I am to carry a third.

A few things I've learned on this not-so-easy walk of motherhood...

Be quick to ask for forgiveness. Even if you're not sure they understand.

Choose joy over stress. Stress will rob your home of joy.

Find a good book that helps give you a grateful perspective on the life you've been given. My sister recommended, One Thousand Gifts to me. It's made me more passionate about life and being a mama.


© 2014 Natalie Falls