Have You Noticed?

Have you gone outside lately? Have you noticed the skip in the old man's step, the teenager with their arm out the car window and music blasting, more joggers than usual, short skirts...too short, the playful screams of neighborhood children floating into your open kitchen window, the fragrance of BBQ finding it's way to your nostrils and changing your mind about what you should eat for dinner? The warm weather has graced us with it's beautiful presence and I feel like a new woman! It doesn't take much to make me feel this way; just hand me an iced tea, a beach chair, and let me watch children play.

In California spring gets a little confused with summer, and I'm okay with that. The sooner my boys can sink their lips into a juicy watermelon or enjoy their first ice cream cone that drips onto their bare chubby belly, the better.

There is too much to enjoy...get outside and enjoy it!

P.S. Because I like you I want to share a little secret with you...

It's a secret that will change your life. Yeah, Starbuck's ain't got nothin' on me!!






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