Giveaway...Yee Haw!

This giveaway is special to me...

Elias is modeling a Yee haw shirt by Neve Inspired. They are a husband and wife design team and they are inspired by life around them. Their t-shirts are a collection of hand-screen-printed designs with a soft, vintage-y feel. I fell in love with this shirt, it's a robot riding a buffalo!

I'm all about celebrating life and so is Neve Inspired. They express this through their creative and fun designs in the clothing they create for your little ones.

To win this 2t Yee haw shirt, tell me something that inspires you. I will put your name in a random drawing. Yee haw!!

(I'm inspired by Aaron, good music, a tasty latte, the smell of orange blossoms on a summer morning...and the list goes on...)

Thank you Neve Inspired for your generosity in sending this shirt. And thank you even more for celebrating little ones like my Elias!


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