Feelin' The Love

A colorful arrangement of gift bags were unexpectedly set on my kitchen table, vibrant pinkish-orange flowers were placed in my hand, and my latest craving was stashed in my freezer...all because they love me.

My friends surprised me with a little "me" shower at my house. Since we're waiting to find out the gender of our baby they decided to pamper me with enough lotion, candles, nail polish, and soaps until the next baby comes.

I love these women. Not just because they give me the most amazing scented candles (although my love goes a little deeper for that) but because some of my most important years of life have been surrounded with them. My greatest joys and fears have been poured out to them. And the the conversation is just plain good.

The children that come with them are pretty amazing too.


© 2014 Natalie Falls