Everything New

The sun shines it's first soft rays behind our bedroom curtains. I shift my head, awakened by your voice. you found a new sound and you can't wait to share it with me. My eyes stay closed, heavy from little sleep; I smile at your excitement to start a new day.

I bring you close to my side, breathing in your sweet baby fragrance. I am slowing down time, desperate to always remember what this feels like; I don't want to forget. I move my body downward until I lock eyes with yours. We stare, and then you smile. I begin to drift back to sleep, you reawaken me with your voice and sweet touch on my face.

A new day has begun. I carry you to where your brothers are watching their morning cartoons, they always stop to kiss you. You lay in the middle of the room and watch the life around you. The aroma of breakfast and fresh brewed coffee fill your baby nostrils.

Life moves fast around you. Colors flash in front of you. voices speak over you. Kisses find their way to you.

Your eyes see everything new, and you are amazed.

I watch you. You remind me of what it is like to see new things for the first time.

You remind me to enjoy today.

You are so small, but you have so much to teach me.

Photography by my beautiful sis-in-law. If you're interested and live in the area she's doing a holiday special! You can contact her on her website.


© 2014 Natalie Falls