Entertainment I Never Asked For

I don't take offense to people's pregnancy comments. Actually, I find them very entertaining. I thought I would share a few with you so you could join in on the entertainment...

"Elderly people and pregnant ladies go first."

"I'm praying you'll go late."

"I hope you go early, the week of the 17th would  be great."

"That dress makes you look like a black widow!"

"You're huge."

"You're so tiny."

"Mom, you're so fat."

"Oh, I could just squish the baby right out of you!"

"I can see your belly button through your shirt."

"That is just creepy!"

Thanks everyone for your comments! I have a little over a month to go, I look forward to adding more to my list.

Yours truly,

Extremely huge and tiny at the same time prego mama

P.S. If you have any entertaining pregnancy comments to share, I would love to hear them!


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