Do You Remember?

Do you remember sitting behind me in biology class? I was too shy to turn around and say "hi" to you. Do you remember falling in love over ice cream?

Do you remember our first kiss? We were at the beach.

Do you remember when my heart left with you on the airplane to Michigan? Those were lonely days for me.

Do you remember when I talked you into finishing school earlier, so we could get married sooner?

Do you Remember eight years ago today? We gave our lives to each other.

Do you remember our first arguments? You would always go into the office and play that stupid drum pad. Oh yeah, and I would try to throw things at you.

Do you remember hearing the heart beat of our first born? And then when we first laid eyes on him? We fell more in love that day.

Do you remember that day at the pediatrician's when our lives changed unexpectedly? We were weak and confused, but we held each other up. We cried tears of sorrow because we didn't understand.

Do you remember saturday morning dance parties with our boys? You have quite the moves.

Do you remember when life was perfect? When we understood imperfection as a delicate design; unique and breathtaking.

Do you remember this morning, when you told me you loved me? Wrapped up in those words were our past. Our love has been through thick storms of gray. It has been through sunny meadows of green. We will have more days of confusion and more days of dancing. But at the end of our days together, because of God's grace, we will be stronger. We will be more in love then, than we are now.

Happy Anniversary my Love.



© 2014 Natalie Falls