Dear Mary

When Elias was first born my protective mama thoughts were consuming. I worried about if he would be made fun of. And I wondered if people would love him as his family loves him... Meet Mary. Mary has known Jeff for 17 years. They met in middle school when they were in a play together. In high school Mary went to prom with Jeff and had a blast. Mary told me that Jeff is a light in her life, and it is a blessing to know him.

Dear Mary,

When Elias was first born I was scared for his future. I held his little newborn body close to mine and I would cry myself to sleep worrying about how people might treat him. Like any mother, I want people to love my son. I couldn't handle the thought of someone making fun of him and me not being there to protect him. It is people like you that make me excited for Elias' future. You see a relationship and you are not crippled by their differences. You embrace difference and you love it whole heartedly. I hope Elias will have someone like you in his life, a friend that loves him unconditionally.





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