Creativity Gone Too Far?

"Where's Vitali?" I thought to myself. "It's too quiet, he must be up to something."  On the side of the house I found my son sitting on the toilet he designed out of bricks. It also included the details of a pipe for the waste, and a handle to flush the waste.  I pulled out my phone to take a picture of his creation, then I sent the photo to my husband and asked him, "Is this creativity gone too far?" He responded, "As long as he doesn't poop in it, I think it's okay." I never thought our parenting discussions would sound like this, but they do, and I like it.

My goal as Vitali's mom is to keep his unique mind going as much as possible. I admit, it's hard to keep up with him.

If we decide to put Vitali into public school I'm pretty sure I will have many calls from his teachers. And then I will have to sigh and say, "Oh, I have no idea where he came up with that!"

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