A Change In Season

My role as a mom is switching to a new gear. It's a gear that I am a little nervous but very excited to switch to. We said goodbye to Elias' teacher that would come to our home every week. We made some really sweet memories with Miss Regina, and we're sad to say goodbye. In a few weeks Elias will stretch his little wings and fly off to preschool in the mornings for five days a week.

This will leave me with two little munchkins in the morning and more time to invest into Vitali's life. Vitali has been amazing support to Elias since they were both little guys. I'm excited to let Vitali spread his wings during this time too!

My mind and heart are full. I am processing all the change and soaking up the excitement of moving forward. This new season is bittersweet for me. It's a reminder to make the most of today. After all, this was just taken yesterday...

Speaking of new adventures...we are hopin' on an airplane again to visit our dear friends in Missouri. If you would like to follow our trip you can follow me on Instagram (Instagram is a free app for your phone). I will be back to regular posting in a week!


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