Boxes And Buff Guys

I haven't posted this last week because of an unexpected move (mixed with two wild boys and a constant growing baby belly). Last week we looked at a house to rent and less than two days later we were in. My very strong husband and his very strong dad (it must run in the family) spent last Saturday hauling our stuff two miles from where we've been living for the last five months. Why the unexpected move? Because of the economy, the Compound's dream of getting two houses on property was looking to be pretty much impossible.

Are we bummed, you ask? We were at first, but we know that life takes unexpected turns and spins, and we are excited to start our new adventure. We will be forever grateful for our days at the Compound.

This home represents a new chapter in our lives. Already I am loving this's full of super heroes, indoor campfires, and Mexican gardeners (Vitali's new friends).


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