Arrows (A Father's Day Post)

I am honored to stand by Aaron's side and watch him as a father. Enjoy what he wrote...

"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior Are the children of one's youth" —Psalm 127:4

(Vitali will love to know that he's like an arrow in the hands of a warrior...)

I'm famous. I'm a rockstar. There is no one cooler than me in the entire world. I've figured out a really easy trick to being all these things to my boys: be around.

Men like to accomplish things. It's nice being recognized, it's satisfying to provide the kind of things you want for your family. It's hard not to measure yourself by the standards you've set for yourself. But lately I've been realizing more and more that my boys don't really care about the standards I've set for myself. They don't care about what I want to provide for them that maybe I haven't been able to yet. They really just want me to be around.

And though I struggle to not measure myself by the standards I've set for myself—whether it's the kind of life I'm able to provide for my family, or the things I want to be, do, and make—there's these two little guys who always think I'm the best thing ever, when I'm around. Whenever I'm around, it seems they can't keep their eyes off me...Well, sometimes they are more focused on Sesame Street (TV faces!), but even Elmo can't wrestle as good as I can. Sometimes I prove that to them on the spot. My boys are "a heritage from the Lord" (Psalm 127:3). They are a gift, something far more precious than anything: they are made in the image of God, and entrusted to me. That's a good gift to be around. I think that God has created kids the way he has to remind us dads of what's important. Things like building volcanos in the back yard, practicing sword fighting footwork, and Playdough fish, and Go Dog Go have become some of the most important things to me. So have singing Seeds songs, and seeing Elias hold up one finger to answer the question "Are there more gods than one?" during the "question and answer time" we've started doing after dinner. I have no doubts that the time I'm around them has a cumulative effect on how they think of me, and the things they value.

Maybe things change when they get older. I've heard it gets harder to be cool as a dad as your kids get older. So maybe I won't be a rockstar anymore, or famous, or the coolest person in the world. But that's ok, I'll still be around. And I think that being present then becomes more important. Even if I don't have the cool, at least I'll have the presence.

Happy Father's Day! Be thankful for your arrows and your heritage from the Lord, and let their admiration remind you of what's important!



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