Adjusting To Five

I forgot how life changing a new member of the family can be. To be honest, I am still in shock that I have a little girl.

To help work through my shock, I had to make Pia a dress for her first Sunday at church.

We have been enjoying the busy life inside our home. Busy consists of cuddle time, diaper changing, napping, nursing, eating, and everything else in between.

The boys haven't skipped a beat. They "own" being big brothers. The biggest adjustment for Elias is when Pia is crying. At first he laughs at her, then he realizes she's hurting his ears and tries to get her to stop crying by smacking her. I've gotten good at dodging the smacks. Other than that he can't get enough of her.

We have enjoyed all the visitors in the last few weeks. Especially meeting Pia's new friends.

And of course...the amazing people who've brought us meals. You don't know how much food speaks to my heart!

It's amazing how a two week old baby can have her whole family wrapped around her tiny finger.


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