A Taste Of Independence (Elias goes to preschool)

Today was a day I thought would never come. When Elias was ten months old, I was told he would go through a preschool program that the public school provided; this would help equip him for kindergarten. I was informed that they would provide specialists, amazing teachers, and different activities that would meet his needs. I remember laughing at the lady inside my head and thought, She's crazy, there's no way I'm sending my three-year-old to preschool five days a week!

So here I am, the crazy one, riding on the preschool bandwagon. I set Elias' clothes out the night before his big day, woke up at six to pour my coffee, and began our new adventure. I picked out just the right piece of bread for his sandwich, spread his peanut butter thin with lots of jelly, cut his apple into slices, and made sure he had just enough veggie sticks for snack time...because I'm his mom and I know just how he likes it!

The entire morning my heart was pounding and my stomach was crammed with butterflies. Today marks Elias' first day of independence from me. Today I fell in love with my son all over again. As I slipped his backpack over his little shoulders and kissed him goodbye, I felt proud. Today reminded me of all I've been through with Elias, and through his life I have learned to love more, let go of more, and trust in God more.

And to you who are reading, thank you for watching Elias grow with me. I know you are proud of him too.

Elias' first day went great! He participated in all the activities and he had some killer moves to all the songs they sang...that's my boy!

When I picked Elias up from school his arms wrapped around my neck never felt so good. All I know is that 12:30 is my new favorite time of the day!


© 2014 Natalie Falls