A Deeper Love

Side to side, up and down movements, there is only so much room for so much life. Time is slipping into the moment when I will lay my eyes onto new toes, little hands that wrap around my finger, and the most beautiful of all scents; the fresh skin of a newborn. I think a lot about this pregnancy, it's different than my others. I know more, maybe too much. Experience has it's way of robbing a blessing. The agony of losing an unborn child is cold and empty. I try to escape those thoughts. I look down and see my belly shake with life, I smile. The past has shaped who I am today, but I am not living then, I am living now.

The pain of a mother could be the end of her, or it could be the beginning of new eyes and thoughts. It could be the beginning of a love that burns deeper than she knew before.


© 2014 Natalie Falls