The Fast-And-Furious-Motherhood Bird

Last Friday I woke up with mixed feelings. Thoughts of moving forward and growing up were more present than normal. I don't think about these things all the time, but when they catch my attention I try to relish the moments and fly on the wings of the fast-and-furious-motherhood bird. Friday morning Becca and I strapped our precious two-year-olds into their carseats and we drove off to their first day of mommy and me preschool. We are so fortunate to be offered this class every friday as we prep for "real" preschool one year from now.

The day was a complete success. Elias met his first friend by throwing him some "knuckles," he loved painting his choo choo train, and he wanted to make sure everyone else knew how cool the bubbles were by saying, "Wow" over and over again.

Preschool with Elias left me flying high, my babies will do that to me. And when mama's flying high...there are adventures, and kites, and ice cream awaiting.

I can't seem to slow down the fast-and-furious-motherhood bird. So I grab hold of the reins (with ice cream in hand) and I hold on for dear life!


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