Your Mama's Mama (Debbie Koch)

One of my favorite memories as a little girl was coming home from school to my mom's warm chocolate chip cookies or homemade butterscotch pudding. My mom has always loved on us and served others with her thoughtful cooking. It is a way that she expresses love. It is so fun to see my kids take their turn to enjoy her love. I am honored to have her write to you.

I've known Natalie since she was in my womb and I felt her sweet little movements. She is our middle child of 5, our first redhead!

I've been married to my hubby Bob for 35 years. I'm an "empty nester," I love being with my adult kids and my grandkids! I enjoy photography, creating, designing, sewing, serving others in need, gardening, and riding my mountain bike.

It boggles my mind to think that I have had the privelege of being a mom for 32 years...and a grandmother of 7 for almost 10 years! What an amazing calling. I've learned (and to continue to learn) to be selfless of my time and desires, to put on a face that expresses joy and not impatience, to have a tone of voice that will encourage and not demean, to surprise and delight my kids and sliding suddenly on their slip n' slide (yeah even good ol' grandma)! I'm now seeing some of the fruits of all this in my grandkids, because of their moms (my daughters, Christin and Natalie) and their faithful love and instruction.

Nothing delights my heart more than to see my adult kids and their spouses encourage each other and hold each other accountable to their convictions of love and faith in God. It's fun to watch them love on their nephews and nieces and take joy in all their newest accomplishments.

Confession: When my kids were young, it would be late afternoon and I'd be running out of energy. Just then I'd remember my secret energizer. I would go to the cabinet and quickly eat some, and when I sat down on the couch and my 2-year-old would crawled up on me, get close to my face, and say, "I smell chocolate!"


Thanks mom! And don't forget to comment between now and Mother's day for a chance to win a coffe cozy!


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