Wrinkles Of Beauty

I sat down and admired my boys sitting comfortably at the kids table in the waiting room at the doctor's office. I soon realized that I wasn't the only one admiring them. The sweet ninety-year-old woman put her hand over her heart as she looked at Vitali and Elias. She spoke softly, "Seeing your boys brings me back, it went by so fast. My oldest boy is 69. Oh I loved being a mom." For a moment I could see this woman's longing. She wanted to breathe in the top of her little boy's hair once again. She wanted to build one more fort. She wanted to tuck her baby into bed one last time. And with a sweet heartache, she knows she will never have that opportunity again.

What I liked most about this woman was that she had no regrets. She loved being a mom, and in the few minutes of chatting with her I can say that I want to be like her someday. I want to share my love for my children to the young mom in the waiting room. I want to be the ninety-year-old woman that has wrinkles from laughter because of my children. I want to have that longing feeling when I see a little boy with red hair or a little boy wearing his mini Converse shoes.

I'm far from the perfect mom, and that's okay. There are moments awaiting me that will shape me to be the mom I need to be for my boys. Moments that will humble me. Moments that will remind me of what's most important. And most of all, moments that make me selfless.

The woman I talked with today gave her life for her children. She was present and she did her best to appreciate what was given to her.



© 2014 Natalie Falls