When Paths Meet

The last few days have been filled with friends--reminising, forgiveness, laughter, and tears. When I meet up with old friends I think a lot about my past, things I have learned, the ways I have grown, what I look forward to.  I haven't always been the greatest friend--I've let people down. I know that regret wont accomplish much and that's what makes me thankful for forgiveness. In the past few years I've realized how complicated relationships can be, and at the same time how important they are and how much I need them.

Relationships take work and the more time and work goes into them the sweeter life is. My marriage takes work, relationships with friends take work, my relationship and bonding with my boys take work. Work is not always easy, but it is rewarding.

Relationships have their days of sunshine and other days of rain and dark clouds. I am learning what it means to walk in the sun and storm--I admit I am not always good at it. Walking with a friend in the sun is easy--it's pleasant and relaxing. Walking in the rain can be uncomfortable and tiring, but that walk is just as important as the sunshine.

I was created to have relationships. I have learned so much and become a different person from the people in my life. Today I am humbled. Today I am thankful for my friend that reminded me of these things.

I hope to teach my boys the value of relationships--but I have a feeling they will be teaching me.


© 2014 Natalie Falls