Weekend Adventures

So far our weekend has begun with a snail invasion. The snails had nothing to do with it, they were forced to invade. I'm sure our pet snails would rather stay in our apple tree—but they don't stand a chance, they're too entertaining. About a week ago I found a snail sleeping peacfully on top of our Elmo work bench. I was disgusted, but couldn't help but wonder how the snail made it all the way into our family room. The snail couldn't explain, so I ended his life immediately. He sailed out my back door until I heard it: the satisfying crack of its shell on our back fence (I don't play games). A few minutes later Vitali yelled out with surprise, "Where's my snail?!" I couldn't believe that he noticed so soon, he must have been keeping his eye on that slimy guy like it was his pet. Well, that was just the beginning! Snails have managed to make their way into our daily routine. I have to be honest, I am looking forward to other things this weekend, things that have nothing to do with snails...

Morning coffee and baked oatmeal with my husband... Gearing up for a super-hero party... reuniting with an old friend... Celebrating my niece's life... popcycles and sidewalk chalk... Our weekend is busy but simple, and filled with lots of family and friends, just how I like it.

Hope your weekend adventures are filled with the beauty of little things.


© 2014 Natalie Falls