We Always Wanted To Be Mommies (Nat Moog)

I've known Natalie Moog Since third grade. We used to live in the same town and oh how I long to live next to my sweet friend again. Here are her reflections on being a mom, in her own words...

My name is Natalie Johanna—not to be confused with Natalie Jane—although I’m pretty sure I’d pass out from the compliment were such confusion ever to take place. I’m “Sweetie” to Jason Isaac and “Mama” to Autumn Rain, two roles I’m continually delighted to walk in—but no joy surpasses my joy in being known as “Daughter” to my beloved Creator. I’m a homemaker & a professional office manager, a reader & a crafter. I love anything miniature (including my daughter) and anything rainbow-colored (especially a brand new set of felt tip pens).

I’ve been a mom for 1½ years plus 9 months. My daughter, Autumn, ROCKS. She makes me want to never have another child, just so I can rejoice over her uninterrupted & at the same exact time, have a million more because if kids are this fantastic—keep em comin! I’m LOVING the school of motherhood.

Since being a mom I’ve learned sign language, how to use my rump, foot or elbow as an extra go-go-gadget-arm, and that expending extra energy to help Autumn transition from one thing to the next (with playfulness or singing) cuts whining & crying down by 90% overall—for both of us.

I’ve also learned that a joyful countenance is contagious and I’m not entitled to anything, even a certain amount of sleep, despite my basic instincts. A couple joyful road markers for me along the way...

The day the cardiologist said Autumn’s heart was perfect & no one would ever know by looking at it that there’d been a hole in it. The day Jason said to me, “Autumn makes me love you more.” “How’s that?” I asked. “If you hadn’t married me, she wouldn’t exist.” Confession: If I had to give up all food & drink entirely for the rest of my life, with one exception, I’d choose fountain soda without hesitating.
Thanks Nat! And for you readers, remember that I'm giving away a handmade coffee sleeve to two random commenters between now and Mother's Day.


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