Volcano Man Strikes Again!

You might call me a bad mom. You might even say I'm not training my children well. Truth is, sometimes they're just too entertaining to stop them. Instead of telling my son what most moms would, "stop playing with your food", I become fascinated as a quesadilla shapes into a volcano. But not just any volcano; a volcano with lava, people, pyroclastic flow, smoke, and ash. Today marks a very important day, it is the day that meals have become more meaningful. Our meals aren't just food anymore, they are coming alive. And of course, Elias is in training. He is learning the fine art of sculpturing food. So far he's too busy eating. He never has enough food left to sculpt. Stay tuned for more daddy pics in the photo contest. And don't forget to leave a comment to help me decide who the winners should be.


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