Vitali's Birth Story

Last night Aaron and I talked and laughed about my birth experience with Vitali. The first few words that come to mind when I think of Vitali's birth are; steak, cannonball, expressive, scared, and party. I know these words seem odd, allow me to explain... The night I started contracting with Vitali we were at my in-laws preparing for a big steak and potato dinner. Nothing held me back, I ate more than the men in the family. When I finished each contraction I continued on with my dinner. As I was stuffing my face, I noticed everyone was staring at me. What? And they would respond with, "nothing, we just can't believe how much your eating while you're contracting." I ignored them and focused on my steak. As soon as I finished I made sure I ended my night with apple pie alomode.

When two-thirty in the morning rolled around and my water broke, I immediatly hit some hard contractions. Aaron called our midwife and tried to convince her that she needed to be in a hurry, she didn't really believe us "first timers." I picked up my phone and called my sis, hey Christin, my water broke and we're coming over, get the tub ready (Side note--while I was pregant with Vitali we were at school in Missouri and we were visiting home for the summer, we knew we wanted to do a homebirth so my sis and brother-in-law opened thier home to us.

By the time we got to my sister's house my calm spirit soon became quite expressive and not so calm , If you ever talk to my sister she can give you a great impersonation of me (siblings are good for that). The short story is that there was a red-headed, firecracker, cannonball that knew what he wanted and he didn't really care how I felt about it. He certainly didn't care that I had a mixed album I put together for a calm birth (I ended up using it for Elias' birth, he was my mellow guy).

The scared part occurred when my midwife (not to be confused with the midwife I had for Elias, she didn't miss a beat) got lost and left my husband to deliver our baby on his own. When I looked up at Aaron for reasurance all I saw was strength and confidence, little did I know he was terrified. He did a good job because the only reason I held it together was because of that reasuring look he gave me. In the last five minutes of Vitali's birth, my midwife showed up and I announced to her that he was here, one push and I was done.

Two hours and fourty minutes after my water broke I forgot about all the excrusiating pain, it was worth it and I was in love. After I called out, my baby my baby, I turned around to look at Aaron, he was crying and speechless, he had fallen in love too. In an instant we were changed. We held a life that had been intrusted to us and we were overwhelmed with love for him.

My favorite part about a homebirth is the party that takes place afterwards.

Family pours in, glasses are tinking, wonderful friends bring dinner, and I'm upstairs, cradling a new life. The morning turns into night, all day I can hear the distant celebration of friends and family while I am captivated by my baby's soft breath and the rhythmic beating of his heart. I know this moment and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Today I rejoiced over my son. I love to celebrate birthday's because they remind me of how precious life is. I don't know the number of my days or the number of my family's days, but I can be grateful for the years I have been given. Three wild, adventurous, growth-filled years.



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