Turbo Mom

My turbo-mom button was pushed today. I woke up with high hopes that Vitali would be feeling better from the strep throat he was battling—soon to find out that he was in more pain than yesterday. And even sooner to find out that Elias would wake up sick too.  Something happens to me when my babies are sick. I am willing to do anything to make them more comfortable, and if I could I would take their pain for myself. In the last few days my rocker has begun to squeak and my hips are tired from swaying. It is in these moments of "Who needs what medicine when?" and "How many times a day?" that I enjoy going out of my way to bring home a smoothie for my boys, rock my almost-three-year-old to sleep, and laugh with my very-sick-but-stoked-on-Tylenol baby. I had a good laugh with a friend at the doctors office today. We were humored by the thought of moms getting a break. We get breaks but they don't usually happen when planned or expected. In my stage of life, they come in form of napping next to my sick baby, enjoying a popsicle with Vitali, singing lullabies to Elias, and my favorite: laying flat for 30 minutes at the dentist's office. Today reminded me that I love being a mom. It's hard work, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything. Have a great weekend! This is Turbo Mom, signing off.


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